While starting into genealogy several years ago, we quickly realized the value of cemetery headstones and the information it provided.   Occasionally, an inscription on a headstone might be the only information that can be easy obtained to find those ancestors.   Headstones can provide vital clues into family history and should not be so quickly overlooked.

With this in mind, we started to photograph and transcribe headstones and place them online to aid other researchers.  It was also a good way to get out and away from the computer, while still enjoying the fun of genealogy.

What we nicked named the “Cemetery Project” turned into quite an enjoyable task.  Though it takes a good amount of time to photograph and transcribe the headstones, it is still a labor of love.


We worked on cemeteries in New Mexico first, mainly in Curry County.  Although we did not get every cemetery in the county completed before we had to move to a new area, we did manage to finish a good amount.   Hopefully, time will allow us to explore new cemeteries.

A short time ago, all the information online was lost due to a major screw up by our ex-hosting service.   We did keep backups locally and are working to get them back online.  As the cemeteries are back up, we will list them here and create its own page.

Back Online

Black Tower Cemetery:  Black Tower Cemetery is located in Curry County, New Mexico.  It is a small cemetery located next to Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico.

Field Cemetery:  Field Cemetery is located in Curry County, New Mexico.




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