Small Documents Knocks Down Big Walls

Thanks to and the availability of Cuyahoga County Marriage Certificate/Applications images, we were able to add some new ancestors and confirm others.

We had no information about the parents of Katherine Stuhler (Stuehler), but her marriage application listed Peter Stuhler and Katie (possibly Katherine) Ramser as her parents.  Discovering more information about Peter and Katie may prove to be difficult because Katherine was born in Austria and may have never immigrated.

In addition, we were able to confirm the parents of Herman Henry Krieger.   His mother’s given name seems to has variations such as Marie, Mary, Maria and her surname is listed as Schimdt or Smith.  His father Carl (Karl) Krieger  appears to be pretty consistent through different documents.

After many years of research, it was great to break down a few brick walls and with some luck, more details about these ancestors can be uncovered.



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